Monday, October 15, 2012

1st dj embex interview

1. How did you get started in music?

my mom was a dancer and my dad was a dj so i started out really young on research and instrument production how thing were made how certain sounds were more focused or some things were off and put them into my head so much to were i thought one day what if i could stop looking for good music and just try to make it and see how that does.

2. What artist has been the most influential in your music career? would hhave to say hands down diplo because he started out with funky hip hop breaks just like pretty lights and now hes doing edm also mr.scruff just amazingly smooth sounds they make like buttah.

3. Why did you choose the genre of music that you create?    my mom is from new jersey {i know the infamous jersey shore place} where alot of electro adn house is still being played to this day so i grew up to benny benassi,tiesto,effiel 75, time berg alot of house catchy tunes that would be stuck in my head for days. but i started out trying to amke every kind of genre at first but its better to keep it stuck to that one basic music buisness rle.keep i simple stupid. a guy told me that and i never try to over saturate my songs with a billons sounds and loops.consistency is key

4. What software do you most often use? Why? fl studio 9 xxl producer edition. i started on it i figured why switch to a diffrent playing feild where i do feel comfortable. i just open it up and i know what is where because i been using it for 10 years. i mean i dont play basketball cause i dont know how but put me on a skateboard and i know where to go ya know?

5. What is the main reason you create music?  to keep them out of my head,through my ears, and back into my head. i dont see my style as a new style, a medicore, or too amature style just My style that i like. heavy bass and melodic synths but im no wolfgang gartner i just try to fit in the group of "edm musicians" but in reality i just wanna make a tune i can dance to all the time everytime its played.

6. How has being a producer changed your life?  oh where do i start. i just came back from ny and ,nj and traveled half the east coast because people love the tracks. ive raced cars, been in mansions, kicked garbarge in times square, got kicked out of a bar inn philly, caught a nasty tan in florida,meet people, gained a name and a status for myself. ever since i hit 8 i wanted to be like the guys on the album cover in a store and be known for something so when i die i  atleast be remember for something. if it wasnt for music i would be absolutly nobody.